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Interview with Featured Volunteer: Chuck Stepner

Chuck Stepner is one of HEART’s many outstanding volunteers. Chuck was able to use his experience making commercials and T.V. spots to create promotional videos for HEART. We sat down with Chuck to learn more about his background and why he decided to volunteer with HEART.

Can you tell us a little about your background prior to volunteering for HEART? 

I moved back to Chicago 8 years ago after working in television in Los Angeles for 26 years at NBC, CBS and ABC. Before that I was in advertising.

Why did you want to volunteer with HEART?

HEART is an organization that does the right things. At NBC I wrote and produced a series of pro-social messages called “One to Grow On” that focused on positive messages for children. Helping HEART gave me an opportunity to do something positive today. When an organization wants to preserve the environment, treat animals humanely and show kids how to lead a more compassionate way of life – how can someone not want to get involved?

What did you learn from volunteering with HEART?

Doing positive things makes you feel good.

What have you worked on as a volunteer?

I’ve worked on two videos. One at Stockton School covers what the students and faculty feel about the HEART program. One at Westcott Elementary centers around an assembly the eighth grade class put on about “Gang Violence,” which I thought was a brave thing for these kids to do.

Would you suggest other people volunteer with HEART?

Absolutely! The organization has great people doing great things. For me I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved. I only hope they’ll let me do more.

If you’re interested in volunteering with HEART Chicago, please contact HEART’s volunteer coordinator, Mikael Nielsen, at mikael@teachhumane.org. If you’re interested in volunteering with HEART in New York City, contact email@teachhumane.org.


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