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STEM Family Night at Stockton Elementary

Recently, Stockton Elementary in Chicago held their first annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Family Night.

Organizers of the event, which included HEART staff, decided to have the students focus their presentations on humane education themes including topics like animal abuse, dog and cat homelessness, endangered species, recycled art, reducing household toxins, child migrant farming, LGBTQ equality, bullying, and humane education in general.

Each group had a presentation board and an interactive activity for fair attendees to engage in. Each presentation related their topic to science, technology, or math. This was a wonderful example of how humane education can be taught in conjunction with, and not separate from, core school subjects like math and science.

There were seventeen display boards in total. Approximately 75 guests attended the event. See some of the fantastic student work below!

Stockton STEM Night 2012-05-09 035

Stockton STEM Night 2012-05-09 066

Stockton STEM Night 2012-05-09 092


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