Zoe Weil’s New TEDx Talk on Creating the World We Want to Live In

HEART board member and president of the Institute for Humane Education, Zoe Weil, has just released her brand new TEDx talk on the impact of humane education, not just on our youth, but on our entire planet.

Zoe discusses what she sees as the major issue stopping us as a society from tackling the world’s biggest problems. It’s not a lack of compassion, but rather, a lack of knowledge.

As she says in the video, “Modeling a message of kindness means, among other things, committing to learn about the effects of our choices and then spending our money wisely because every dollar we spend is a vote that says ‘do it again.’”

If you want to be inspired, check out Zoe’s talk below and ask the question we should all be asking ourselves if we truly want a humane world: Are the choices we make each day helping to create the kind of world we want to live in? If not, perhaps we need to reconsider our choices.

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