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Chicago Schools with HEART

Despite a brief delay to the start of our school year, HEART Chicago is back in the classrooms reaching more students; engaging them in critical thought, all while inspiring empathy and compassion.
This has been our mission since HEART began serving Chicago youth in 2009. In that short time we’ve reached over 5,000 students in 44 schools and community learning centers!
In most cases students participating in the HEART program receive a minimum of ten lessons covering issues related to human rights, animal protection, and environmental ethics; issues such as Child Labor, Global Women’s Issues, Dog and Cat Homelessness, Factory Farming, Plastics In Our Environment, and Climate Change. We often culminate these lessons with a service learning project where students turn their concern into action.
This fall HEART Chicago will be working with nine schools throughout the city. Over 90% of the students we serve are low-income. Very importantly, all of our programs we provide to Chicago Public Schools are free of charge. These programs are only possible because of the generous support we receive from you and others who understand the value of humane education.
Here’s a list of our current schools: Uplift Community High School, Walsh Elementary, Stockton Elementary, Kipling Elementary, Langford Community Academy, O.A. Thorp Elementary, Beasley Elementary, Ward Elementary, and Crown Elementary.
We are extremely proud of our accomplishments, but even more proud of the students who are learning to become more caring and compassionate citizens, eager to make our world a better place.

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