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Interview with Tech Savvy Volunteer, Sarah Neurauter

Sarah is an incredibly talented web designer who used her tech savvy skills to help HEART. We decided to sit down with Sarah and learn why she chose to volunteer with HEART and how volunteering with HEART has benefited her personally and professionally.
Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I’ve been working as an in-house web designer for the past two years since graduating from DePaul University. Most recently I’ve been working at a tech start-up in Chicago. In my free-time I enjoy cooking vegan food, riding my bike, and going on road trips.
Why did you decide to volunteer with HEART?

I decided to volunteer with HEART because they are an organization that does so much good. I think the issues that HEART teaches are really important, and I appreciate all the hard work that HEART educators do. I think it’s great that HEART is able to work with children to help them develop a more ethical world view.
What projects have you worked on as a HEART volunteer?

I’ve helped HEART develop an email campaign, by designing a couple donation letter emails, as well as a monthly email newsletter. I’m currently working with HEART to design some posters to display in their office.
What do you like best about volunteering with HEART?

The best part about volunteering with HEART was that it gave me an opportunity to do something that clearly has a positive impact with my professional skills.
Why do you support HEART and humane education?

I support HEART because I believe in the work that they do. Through humane education, HEART is empowering young people and making them aware of issues that they wouldn’t normally learn in the classroom. I believe that kids who come out of the HEART programs will have the tools they need to become more ethically conscious adults.
HEART is lucky to have talented volunteers such as Sarah. Sarah was able to use her web design skills to help a cause she believed in. Do you have any special skills that you would like to use to help HEART? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending an email to email[at]teachhumane.org.

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  1. wonderful interview! it’s always great to hear about young vegan’s getting active in the cause and educating others about compassion, non-violence and awareness. keep up the great work Sarah & HEART!

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