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It’s Because of You…

If you’ve ever wondered how HEART Chicago accomplishes all it does with such limited resources, the answer is simple. It’s because of YOU. You are the reason why we’ve held multi-lesson programs in nearly half of the zip codes in Chicago; why we’ve been able to reach over 5,000 students in less than four years, why we currently have a waiting list of six schools, why the HEART brand is becoming more recognizable each and every day; and why we are so highly respected in the community and in the schools we serve. Because of your efforts and through your generosity, the process of transforming Chicago into a humane city is well underway.
If HEART Chicago’s three part-time employees had to shoulder the entire burden of running our operation, we wouldn’t get far. But because you’ve stepped up and put in 500+ volunteer hours this past year helping us leverage our limited resources, because you’ve generously donated throughout the year whenever we’ve asked, and because you’ve helped spread the word about the transforming power of humane education, we’ve come to realize that the sum is indeed greater than the parts.
We hope you will continue to realize the benefits of this work and continue to support us until one day we collectively achieve our goal of reaching every Chicago youth with our humane education program and making Chicago a truly humane city.
Truly, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.
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  1. H.E.A.R.T. Chicago has done WONDERS for our communities, and rest assured, this incredibly powerful, effective, compassionate organization WILL become a household name within a few years!!! ALL THE BEST to everyone who believes in and supports their mission. Gail Garza

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