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Changing the World Through Art

Students in the HEART program love passing on the information they have learned to other kids. A wonderful way to do this is through student art that can then be hung up in the hallway for all to see. Students flex their artistic muscles, learn how to craft a clear message, and help make the world a better place all at the same time.

Check out some mini masterpieces created by students on issues like child labor, shelter animals, the environment, and more.

Students are always shocked to learn about the hidden world of puppy mills. This is one student asking others to adopt instead of buy.

This particular piece was done after students learned that most of the chocolate you find at the store came, in part, from child labor. As it was around Halloween, students educated their peers about fair trade chocolate which is both ethical and delicious!

Students in this after-school club learned all about deforestation, endangered species and our rapidly disappearing rainforest. They made this display to show students what the earth will lose if we don’t help keep the rainforest alive and healthy.

These kids organized a donation drive for the local animal shelter. At the end, they had bags of food, toys, blankets and more to bring to dogs and cats who are waiting to find a home.

There are so many ways in our everyday lives that we can make a difference for the planet. Students can make a recycling poster like this one, or maybe one on reducing water consumption, or why walking to school is better than driving. The options are limitless.

Students in this after-school club learned about the annual Canadian seal hunt and raised money to send to the Humane Society of the United States and their anti-seal hunt campaign. In any fundraiser, the point is to educate others about the issue as much as it’s about raising funds. Posters are a great way to accomplish both.

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