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I HEART How To’s: Activities with Impact

Whether we’re in the traditional classroom, one of our summer camps, an after-school club, or tabling event, hands-on activities are one of our favorite ways to get kids thinking about major world problems, and how to create solutions.
In our brand new “I HEART How To’s”, we’ll be sharing with you activities that have impact. In these first four videos, you’ll learn how to make cruelty-free cleaners, reusable decorated bags, and two types of eco-friendly bird feeders. Whether it’s helping local wildlife, stopping plastic bag pollution from hurting animals, or choosing cleaners that don’t test on animals, we’ve got you covered.
A big thank you to the ASPCA for sponsoring the videos. Keep an eye out for more, and subscribe to our youtube page to be notified of our next “I HEART How To’s”. Not only that, but we have some very exciting other video projects in the works that will be released this spring.
Now, for the “I HEART How To’s”!




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