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iHelp: Educating Today for a More Compassionate Tomorrow

HEART Indianapolis and Indy Humane have teamed up and are proud to announce an exciting opportunity for both youth and adults who are ready to help animals. We will train high school, college, and adult volunteers to offer engaging humane education learning workshops to 3rd-5th grade students through their schools and organizations. When groups have been through 4 of the sessions and completed one service learning project, they will become official iHelpers! We will build a community of iHelpers who stay connected and can work together to make a difference for animals
Lessons will cover a wide range of animal topics from spaying and neutering, wild animal issues, animals used for food and entertainment, animal fighting, companion animal care, how our choices impact animals, and local animal issues.   This project will not only allow local volunteers to make a real difference, but also allow students to develop traits that can be overlooked during the school day.  By having students grapple with real life issues and charging them with coming up with creative ways of positively impacting the problem, we build reverence, compassion, responsibility, empathy, kindness, empowerment, critical thinking and commitment.
If you would like to get involved, please reach out to HEART Indianapolis’ program director, Kristina Hulvershorn, at Kristina@teachhumane.org.

This work was made possible by a generous grant from ASPCA and will unite caring people to come together for animals.

iHelp official pendants for students who complete all four lessons and the service project.

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