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Introducing HEART’s New Educational Video on Puppy Mills


Since HEART began working with kids in the classroom back in 2005, we’ve been teaching youth about puppy mills. Unfamiliar with puppy mills? Think of dogs kept in tiny cages, given minimal (if any) veterinary care, in dirty and dangerous conditions for their entire lives while they produce litter after litter of puppies. Those puppies are then shipped to pet stores all across the country to be sold to the public. It’s an industry designed to make a quick buck, treating dogs as disposable products rather than as loving companions.
When it comes to cruelty and issues facing companion animals, puppy mills are one of the biggest offenders, which is why it’s a part of our core Humane Living Program. Sadly, because so many families don’t know that pet stores get their dogs from these inhumane breeding factories, many people buy puppies, unaware that they are supporting cruelty.
That’s why HEART, thanks to vital funding from the ASPCA, created this short educational video, appropriate for grades 5 and up. Using HEART’s years of experience teaching the issue in an age-appropriate fashion in the classroom, and the ASPCA’s dedicated experts from their puppy mill campaign, we designed a video that educators can use to start a discussion on puppy mills with their students.

1 thought on “Introducing HEART’s New Educational Video on Puppy Mills”

  1. Victoria Resurreccion

    Wonderful idea!!! I hope it’s shown ALL schools throughout the world.
    I’m happy to know about this. The earlier education children are provided, the more animals can be saved.
    It makes me cry each time I read about the horrible ways God’s precious creatures are forced to live their lives – for money and nothing else.
    Perhaps educating the communities through schools and other venues would also encouraged families to support such cause-worthy organizations such as ASPCA and animal shelters as well.
    Thank you all for your great work. God bless you and help you more in your advocacy.

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