Teaching Young Children About Homeless Animals: HEART’s New Video on Animal Shelters


Teachers recognize that the vast majority of young children love animals. Whether they are real, fictional, across the globe or in their living room, children are fascinated by the furry, feathered and scaled. This natural affinity makes teaching kids about animals easy and exciting.
In the HEART program, we know the value of not only building reverence for all life, but also teaching kids in an age-appropriate fashion about issues impacting animals and how to help make the world a safer and more compassionate place. That’s why we decided to create an educational video for children in grades 1 – 3 about animal shelters.
Thanks to vital funding from the ASPCA and the knowledgeable staff at their shelter as well as at Animal Haven, we have put together the following short video that explains to children what exactly animal shelters are, why they exist and what kids can do to help homeless animals. It’s a great start to a lesson on companion animals and why it’s so important for human beings to be caring and responsible companion animal guardians.
Check it out on youtube where it’s available in high resolution, making it perfect to use in your next lesson on dogs and cats.

5 thoughts on “Teaching Young Children About Homeless Animals: HEART’s New Video on Animal Shelters”

  1. Hi!
    I would love to show this video to my students @ ps 384 in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, the DOE blocks you-tube. Is there any other way to view this video about animal shelters?

  2. Hi Laura!

    I’ll send you an email later this morning asking for your address so we can mail you a DVD version. So glad you want to show it to your students.


    Ali Berman

  3. I’m a teacher in Brooklyn and I’m currently involved in a unit with my students on how we can be “the voice” for animals. This video would make a great addition. Would there be any chance I could get a copy of it? It would be an asset to the work they are involved in. Thank you- Kirsten

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