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HEART Rescue Tails: Meet Brooke, Dave and Luca


HEART educators regularly talk about animal rescue and adoption with the kids in our programs. In fact, we made a whole video about animal shelters for educators to use with young kids. But talking about the millions of cats and dogs who are homeless can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we started a new series of animal rescue videos that focus on the life of one dog or cat, to show students the stories behind the rescue.
In our first video, we meet Brooke, Dave and their dog Luca, a deaf pit bull and certified therapy dog. Brooke and Luca have even visited with HEART students!
In this short clip, perfect for educators to use in the classroom, Brooke and Dave talk about how they met Luca, their experience caring for a special needs dog, and how adopting Luca inspired them to start speaking up for pit bulls through their organization Bruised Not Broken.
Thank you to Brooke, Dave and Luca for taking the time to sit down with us. And to the ASPCA who made this video possible. Coincidentally, the ASPCA is also the very place Luca was adopted from! Check out the video above.
(When you see Luca sitting in a black bag in the video, that’s him settling right in where our camera equipment goes. Not that we minded. What a darling.)

5 thoughts on “HEART Rescue Tails: Meet Brooke, Dave and Luca”

  1. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Thank you for all you do to help the pitties! They are awesome dogs & people have to understand that!

  2. Steve Curran, Waterbury Ct

    Brooke helped me adopt Thelma form manhattan, and now I have two rescues, Thelma and Louise … Love em both… thx Brooke…

  3. Dear Brooke, Dave, and Luca, You three are awesome!!! I got my new comp in Dec 2012 and the first day I found the Bruised Not Broken site. I posted just a few dogs at first, but since then like most of the people like me who just love their pits, I spend a lot of time everyday and evening posting these dogs for rescue. I truly think it is great that you do advocating the way you do for these totally misunderstood dogs. I have since been doing the same and am against BSL and all that it stands for. Thank you for opening the eyes of millions out there, and thank you for what you do.

  4. Hello,
    I really need to speak with folks that know exactly what sharing a home with a deaf Bully means. Because this is our reality. Your Luca seems very mellow. Where as our Hendrix “Drixy” has energy plus! He is going to be 4. He was a rescue,foster failure! He knows sign language but needs work on patience and manners. Any tips would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  5. BNB helped me adopt Buster at his 11th hour before euthanization. Thank you so much for your dedication to these wonderful dogs who deserve a loving home! <3

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