HEART’s Newest Video Shows Mallard Duck Released Back into the Wild


Wildlife rehabilitators are the unsung heroes of the animal loving world, spending most of their time feeding baby birds, mending broken limbs and keeping orphaned animals warm until they are strong enough to be released back into their natural habitat.
That’s why HEART created a short video showing local wildlife rehabilitator Maggie Ciarcia releasing a male mallard duck back into the wild. The duck had been found in a parking lot unable to fly in Mahopac, NY. Without Maggie and the help of the Somers Animal Hospital, he might have been hit by a car, been found by a predator, or something even worse.
We hope educators will be able to use this video to talk to kids about wildlife rehabilitation and what should be done if they find an injured or orphaned animal. Check out this page for detailed information from The Humane Society of the United States that will help you talk to kids about helping wildlife in need.

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