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I HEART How To: Make Your Own Eco Journal


There are two truths every educator knows. 1. Kids love crafts. 2. Kids go through an enormous amount of paper, even in this digital age. In an effort to give kids what they love but to make a smaller impact on the world’s forests, we have started a new activity that kids just love. Making eco-journals.
In our new “I HEART How To” we’ll show you how to take partially used paper (paper that was only written on one side) from recycling bins to transform it into a fully functional notebook for kids to decorate and write in. Through this fun activity, kids get to stretch their creative muscles and learn why it’s so important to use an entire piece of paper.
Teacher’s Tip: This would be a fantastic activity to do after a lesson on deforestation. Have fun!

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  1. Wow! What a great idea. I’m a teacher and a paper crafter so I’ve got used looseleaf and decorative scraps that I can use up. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks for the idea.

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