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The Case for Volunteering This Summer

Right now kids across the country are figuring out how they want to spend their summer vacations. Some will take on jobs or go to camp, some might travel with their families, and others will continue their studies. Another great option to consider is volunteering.
Organizations all over the world are looking for young people to get involved and help by donating their time and talent to a cause. It could be working at a children’s hospital, a senior center, an animal shelter or sanctuary, or with an environmental group. Volunteering is a great way for students to turn their compassion into action, take on new responsibilities, and to learn how to work in a professional environment. And unlike many jobs, a student can tailor volunteer work to fit within his or her schedule.
Check out services like Volunteer Match to find opportunities in your area. Or simply Google search to find organizations looking for volunteers in your city. There is no shortage of resources available to help you or your child find the right fit. And the benefits one gets from volunteering are just as numerous. That’s why service learning is a large part of the HEART program. Learning about an issue we care about is just the first step. Our students know that taking action to help make the world a better place is the only way to create a real and lasting impact.
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