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Animal Ambassadors Learn About Black Cats and Bats for Halloween

On October 31st seven 5 to 8 year olds in our Caring Kids: Animal Ambassadors program attended a fun and informative Halloween party at Animal Haven Shelter in NYC. These compassionate young changemakers learned about bats, black cats, and how to keep their companion animals safe during this spooky holiday. In addition to learning about how bats are sometimes misunderstood and why black cats can sometimes get a bad rap, the Animal Ambassadors created crafts to educate others about these remarkable creatures.
The kids practiced the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) by creating fun bat figurines out of old toilet paper rolls. While hard at work they also took time to watch the heart-warming story of a young orphan bat who was nursed back to health. The Ambassadors learned that bats are extremely important to many eco-systems and due to humanity’s actions and people’s misperceptions, bats have become threatened all across the globe.
Many of us know the old wives tales of black cats bringing bad luck. But did you know that in countries like Italy, Scotland, and Japan black cats are considered good luck? In fact in England if a black cat shows up to a wedding, the marrying couple are supposed to have a blessed marriage. The Ambassadors learned this and much more as they created black cat posters with positive messages to combat common stereotypes.

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In addition to all the hands-on crafts and learning, the Animal Ambassadors enjoyed some holiday treats, danced to Halloween-themed music, and enjoyed a slideshow of different companion animals in fun costumes.
The day was made even more special with the help from a number of local high school students who volunteered at the event. Led by the teacher, HEART super volunteer, Gail Frydkowski, the students helped the Ambassadors create their many crafts and celebrated during the final portion of the day.
The party was capped off with a celebration and award ceremony. The Animal Ambassadors were awarded badges and certificates, making them official Shelter Helpers and giving them something to remember all their great work on behalf of Animal Haven and all animals looking for their forever home.

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