HEART regularly welcomes interns who are interested in learning more about how to teach humane education. This fall, the Portland office welcomed Ange Suprowicz, a former music industry employee from Berlin. We sat down with Ange to hear more about her passion for humane education and her deep seated desire

Teaching elementary students about farmed animals is a tricky topic. Students this age are developing both intellectually and emotionally, and we want to shield them from information that might be disturbing, including facts about how animals are raised for food. However, elementary students are also developing their own sense of

Last spring, HEART remotely taught high school students from Collegio San Carlo, a school in Milan, Italy, about human rights and activism. It was up to the students in the class to choose an issue they were concerned about and do a service project related to their topic. As a

By Jeannie Russell One of the newer programs HEART has embarked upon in the last year takes place in a different setting from our usual school-based classes, reaching out instead to bring humane education into the community through the New York Public Library system. In addition to the public school