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Introducing the HEART Network!

Feeling empowered and equipped to bring high quality humane education to your community just became easier!

We are proud to announce the launch of the HEART Network, our newest initiative to connect those working in animal protection organizations with HEART’s humane education materials, as well as with each other.

Humane education is an amazing way to empower youth to make positive changes for animals, the environment, as well as other people. We are excited to provide easily digestible, curated resources delivered right to your inbox. Whether you want to enhance your existing humane education program or start a new program, our Network will help by sending monthly bulletins featuring lessons, activities, articles, book recommendations, games, videos, teaching tips, and more.

Designed for those working at companion animal rescue and shelters, farm animal sanctuaries, wildlife rehabilitation organizations, and other animal protection organizations, we have resources covering numerous useful humane education topics. (Not employed at one of the aforementioned organizations? No worries — we welcome all types of members.) We have been working diligently behind-the-scenes for months to plan out a year’s worth of bulletin themes and content. We have amassed content that spans topics ranging from Fostering Empathy and Animal Needs, to Summer Camp Planning and Rescue/Adoption topics and cannot wait to share them with you.

Network members also have the added benefit of joining our Members Only Facebook group where you can get additional content, sneak peaks at upcoming bulletins, and chances to talk with HEART staff and other member-peers about each month’s bulletin topics. The Facebook group is a place where Network members can learn from each other on how to apply the bulletin lessons and activities in unique and engaging ways.

Finally, the Network is very easy to join. After filling out our membership registration form (telling us a bit about you and your program) your Network membership will remain in effect for a year. To help us improve the Network, we do ask that you fill out one Network survey on an annual basis to renew your membership – but this will just give you an opportunity to tell us about all the amazing work you have been doing.

Prior to our launch, we have heard from so many people that this type of service is greatly needed, and have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have already signed up. We cannot wait to grow this community with you, so please join us and sign up today.

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