HEART is dedicated to routinely measuring the effectiveness of our programs. Our Assessments allow us to learn from what we are doing and to measure the results and impact of our work. We observe our programs in action, analyze the results, and make adjustments to achieve successful outcomes. The results and outcomes are linked to our strategic planning and provide information to assist us in making changes, and to produce supporting documentation for the value of our current work. The most important question we look to answer is whether our programs are having a positive impact on the attitudes and behaviors of our students.

HEART has performed two major assessment studies over the past nine years — one in 2006-2007 and the most recent in 2012-2013. These studies were developed and implemented by outside assessment experts, and both resulted in favorable conclusions on the impact of our programs on the youth we serve. We have completed assessment studies of our Have a Heart Summer Camp in the South Bronx over the past three years. Our current assessment efforts include surveying students at pre- and post- program participation.

Please follow the links below to see our past assessments:

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