Webinar: Teaching Food Justice Issues to Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

Event on: 2018-November 13th : - :

Every day, through the foods we buy, prepare, and eat, we are connected directly to countless other people, other animals, and to many of the complex living habitats that make up our world. In our upcoming webinar we will focus on food justice education: how to teach about the very unequal consequences of our modern industrial food systems that privilege some communities and individuals while exploiting and harming others. By teaching about the issues surrounding industrial agriculture, animal agriculture, and global food systems from a justice perspective, we can offer youth meaningful ways to take action for the benefit of those who are disproportionately carrying the burdens imposed by the way we eat. We’ll share lots of resources for further study, and many examples of community-based projects and activities that students have done to promote greater food justice.

When: November 13, 2018 from 1pm-2pm EST

Cost: Free

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