By Jeannie Russell HEART’s innovative Compassionate Communities Awards competition is taking root in the great borough of Brooklyn, thanks to an exciting partnership with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office.  HEART’s Compassionate Communities Awards competition brings a whole-child, comprehensive approach to humane education into our public schools by challenging them to

Feeling empowered and equipped to bring high quality humane education to your community just became easier! We are proud to announce the launch of the HEART Network, our newest initiative to connect those working in animal protection organizations with HEART’s humane education materials, as well as with each other. Humane

By Mickey Kudia It is common for children’s books to use farm animals as protagonists. Sometimes these books fall into the genre of fantasy, as Charlotte’s Web does, and other times these characters are portrayed more realistically, such as in Black Beauty. I’ve noticed that most of the children’s books

Most of us are familiar with the parable of the three blind men who come across an elephant, an animal that none of them had encountered before. They each touch a different part of the elephant and describe what they have come across based on their limited experience. They all