Opinion or persuasive writing can be an excellent opportunity to teach about activism and real-world social justice issues in the classroom. This blog will provide you with ideas for how to modify your opinion-writing unit to include a social justice component, while meeting academic standards. Have Students Write About a

Are you looking for some fun activities this Valentine’s that will also encourage your students to think critically about their choices? Below are five activity suggestions for bringing humane education to your classroom this Valentine’s Day. 1) Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card Today, holiday cards can be made with

By Jeannie Russell One of the challenges humane educators face in creating curricula and programming for general education settings is introducing students to meaningful human rights, environmental ethics, and animal welfare topics that are also politically or socially sensitive. Our focus on expanding compassion to all beings necessarily highlights the

For the first time ever, HEART recently allowed students to take over their social media for an entire day­­­­­. The students wrote a blog, Facebook posts, and Twitter tweets regarding an issue that concerned them. This social media campaign was a culminating project for their Human Rights course, an elective

Last spring, HEART remotely taught high school students from Collegio San Carlo, a school in Milan, Italy, about human rights and activism. It was up to the students in the class to choose an issue they were concerned about and do a service project related to their topic. As a

Since just last year, four new major American cities (Seattle, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis, and St. Paul) have followed an example set by Berkeley, CA and renamed Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. In addition to being a landmark decision for long marginalized Native American communities, Seattle’s resolution extends all the