Educational Videos

Something we’ve learned in our many years of teaching is that seeing really is believing. Having good educational videos to accompany lessons helps all different kinds of learners to process difficult information. Check out HEART’s educational videos, offered to the public to use at no cost.

What Is an Animal Shelter?

This educational video is perfect for kids to teach them about animal shelters, homeless dogs and cats, and what they can do to help.

Download the following lesson that use the “What Is an Animal Shelter” video:

A Happy Home for Every Dog & Cat (Grades 3-5)

What Is A Puppy Mill?

In this educational video experts from the ASPCA’s puppy mill campaign discuss puppy mills, pet store puppies and why adopting from shelters is so important.

Download the following lesson that use the “What Is a Puppy Mill?” video:

Puppy Mills: Exposed (Grades 6-8)

Rehabilitated Mallard Duck Released Back into the Wild

In 2013 a male mallard duck was found with a broken wing in a parking lot in Putnam County, New York. He was brought to local wildlife rehabilitator Maggie Ciarcia. Thanks to her care, and help from the Somers Animal Hospital, the mallard made a full recovery and was released back out into the wild. This video was created as an educational tool by HEART ( so students can learn about the important work done by wildlife rehabilitators.

HEART’s Rescue Tails: Meet Luca

HEART has been interviewing people who have rescued companion animals to learn the stories behind the adoptions. In this video we meet Brooke, Dave and their dog Luca, a deaf pit bull and certified therapy dog who was adopted from the ASPCA. Luca even inspired Brooke and Dave to start their organization Bruised Not Broken.

I HEART How To’s

In our “I HEART How To’s” series, learn simple and effective activities you can do with kids to give them a hands on way to learn about protecting animals and the environment. You can learn how to make a cat fort to donate to a local shelter, eco-friendly bird feeders, reusable bags, cruelty free cleaners, and eco journals.