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CIT Squad: Case of the Sick Puppy is an educational adventure game for children aged 8-12 to investigate why Juniper, a puppy who was bought online, is very sick. They travel to different places, including pet stores, adoption centers, and eventually the puppy mill where Juniper came from. Along the way, they must gather information, search for clues, and overcome challenges, including mini games to learn more about humane issues and animal protection.

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Help Cora, Kazu & Casey Solve Their Next Case!

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Join Cora, Kazu, and Casey to solve the Case of the Sick Puppy. As part of the CIT Squad, you are a Compassionate Investigator in Training, who gathers clues through research, conducting interviews, and following leads. You will experience unexpected situations along the way, and have to decide what to do. Hopefully, you will be able to solve the mystery of the sick puppy before it is too late.

Game Lessons & Resources for Educators

Introducing the Game

This lesson includes background on the game’s topic, as well as vocabulary from the game and discussion questions. 

Post-Game Lesson

Use this lesson after students play the game for discussion questions, extension activities and more resources to explore.

Scene-by-Scene Guide

Preview each scene to anticipate what students will see and what learning objectives are covered.

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For humane educators or educators who work with youth in adoption centers

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