Humane Books

Recommended reading lists for youth on human rights, animal protection, and environmental issues

In these humane book lists, we recommend books for students of all ages that tackle human rights, animal protection, and environmental ethics issues. By introducing students to humane literature, we can encourage them to become more humane in their own lives. 

Share these books to help bring diverse perspectives and stories into the hands of young people, broadening their understanding of the world and ensuring that all students see themselves reflected in the books they read.

humane books social justice

Human Rights & Social Justice Issues

The books cover topics like child labor, civil rights, bullying, worker’s rights, gender stereotypes, migrant farmers, activism, war, LGBT issues, the Holocaust, and more.

humane books animal protection

Animal Protection Issues

The books cover topics like companion animal overpopulation, animal shelters, farm animals, captive animals, wildlife, animal emotions, animal abuse, the human/animal bond, and more.

humane books environment

Environmental Issues

The books cover topics like habitat destruction, endangered species, climate change, pollution, ocean conservation, deforestation, activism, gardening, and more.

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