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Animal Issues Books for Youth

Click on one of the age groups below to find books for youth from ages 2 to 18. The books cover topics like companion animal overpopulation, animal shelters, farm animals, captive animals, wildlife, animal emotions, animal abuse, the human/animal bond, vegetarianism, and more.



2 thoughts on “Animal Issues Books for Youth”

  1. Hello. I am hoping to begin a program of empathy and compassion in the schools that I work in. I would like to buy some of the books that are suggested here and ask teachers to read them to their students if this is something that I can get my superintendents to let me do. Do you know where these books can be bought at the best price or should I just go through Amazon? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Amanda, thanks for your interest in these books and especially for your intention to start a program that cultivates empathy and compassion within students! We suggest checking out indiebound.org or bookshop.org to find a local bookstore near you that may carry some of these titles. If you are considering a large order, you can also check out The Gryphon Press at thegryphonpress.com for discounted box orders since they publish many of the animal books we listed. Hope this is helpful.

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