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The Value of Thinking Outside the Box

By Liz Walch
When I was a kid, I loved watching Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the TV show where comedians performed on-the-spot skits, bits, gags, impressions, and songs. I may not have understood all of the grown-up humor, but the silliness and fast-paced jokes had me rolling on the floor.
One of the best recurring bits was called Props. The comedians were given a large innocuous foam shape and took turns acting out a one-second scene imagining the prop as something new, usually delivering a hilarious one-liner to go along with it. The speed at which the comedians could come up with their ideas blew me away. It wasn’t just a foam disc with curly tendrils they were holding; when balanced on someone’s head, it became an old-timey telephone operator’s headset. How did these comedians do it? They were thinking outside the box!
This type of creative thinking comes naturally to …

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