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August 2019 - Cultivating Prosocial Behavior

July 2019 - Fostering Empathy

June 2019 - A Comprehensive Approach to Humane Education

May 2019 - Adoption, Rescue, and Sanctuary

April 2019 - Summer Camp

March 2019 - Animal Needs

February 2019 - Starting a Humane Education Program

January 2019 - Everyone Has Feelings!

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About the Heart Network

  •  A free network of support for your humane education programs
  • Providing animal shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations with effective and engaging lessons, tips, and activities that help deliver high-quality humane education for all ages

HEART's mission is to develop a generation of compassionate youth who create positive change for animals, people, and the natural world. Learn More. 

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