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January 2020 - The Human-Animal Bond

December 2019 - Youth Taking Action for Animals

November 2019 - Understanding and Reducing Animal Suffering

October 2019 - Promoting Critical Thinking

September 2019 - Animals and the Holidays

August 2019 - Cultivating Prosocial Behavior

July 2019 - Fostering Empathy

June 2019 - A Comprehensive Approach to Humane Education

May 2019 - Adoption, Rescue, and Sanctuary

April 2019 - Summer Camp

March 2019 - Animal Needs

February 2019 - Starting a Humane Education Program

January 2019 - Everyone Has Feelings!

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We partnered with Maddie’s Fund to offer a private online group for Network members to connect with one another, receive bonus content, and get resource sneak peeks.

Maddie’s Pet Forum* is a free online platform open to anyone who is passionate about animals. All of our Network members are encouraged to subscribe to our HEART Network private group within the forum.

Click a link below to download detailed instruction on how to register for Maddie's Pet Forum and join our private HEART Network group:

*Please note that while Maddie’s Fund itself focuses on animal companion issues, the Pet Forum is open to all animal advocates and animal lovers, and our HEART Network group is inclusive of a wide range of animal protection issues and animal species. 

About the Heart Network

  •  A free network of support for your humane education programs
  • Providing animal shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue organizations with effective and engaging lessons, tips, and activities that help deliver high-quality humane education for all ages

HEART's mission is to develop a generation of compassionate youth who create positive change for animals, people, and the natural world. Learn More. 

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