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The HEART Network is a free network of support for your community outreach and education programs. It provides animal protection organizations, animal shelters, sanctuaries, and rescue groups with effective and engaging lessons, tips, and activities that help deliver high-quality humane education for all ages.

Register to join our FREE Network.

Benefits include: 

  • Periodic email messages featuring lessons, activities, book recommendations, teaching tools, or inspiration to support your humane education programs. 
  • A wide range of topics, including animal emotions, fostering empathy, how to start a humane education program, service learning, animal adoption and sanctuary, promoting critical thinking, and summer camp planning.
  • An online community through a collaboration with Maddie's Fund where you can meet and learn from other members, share resources, and access bonus material covering a wide range of animal protection issues and species. (Please note that while Maddie's Fund itself focuses on animal companion issues, its online community is open to all animal advocates.)   
  • Access to customized resources from our library of more than 200 free lessons, activities, games, and videos created by HEART’s experienced team of professional humane educators.

As a member of the HEART Network, you will be asked to complete an annual survey to provide feedback on the Network and information, if relevant, about your humane education programs. We will ask you to complete the feedback survey as it gets closer to the end of the year and you will be reminded of this expectation in the monthly bulletin. Feedback must be provided at least once within 12 months of your initial registration to maintain your Network membership. Please note that membership benefits and terms may be subject to change.

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