By Liz Walch When I was a kid, I loved watching Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the TV show where comedians performed on-the-spot skits, bits, gags, impressions, and songs. I may not have understood all of the grown-up humor, but the silliness and fast-paced jokes had me rolling on the

By Bob Schwalb Prior to my career in humane education, my advocacy work was mostly centered around animals. I cared about human rights and environmental preservation, but animal issues resonated with me more. So that’s where I devoted most of my time and resources. However, it became clear to me

By Jeannie Russell HEART has been collaborating with a number of public libraries in the Bronx to provide community-building programs for youth during public school holidays and after-school hours. An important step in strengthening our young people’s commitment to taking positive actions in their communities is helping them see their

By Jeannie Russell One of the newer programs HEART has embarked upon in the last year takes place in a different setting from our usual school-based classes, reaching out instead to bring humane education into the community through the New York Public Library system. In addition to the public school