By Mickey Kudia It is common for children’s books to use farm animals as protagonists. Sometimes these books fall into the genre of fantasy, as Charlotte’s Web does, and other times these characters are portrayed more realistically, such as in Black Beauty. I’ve noticed that most of the children’s books

By: Macy Jenks I joined the animal advocacy club at Cleveland High School in the beginning of the 2015 school year. Just one month earlier, I had become vegetarian after learning about the atrocities that take place on factory farms. I was eager to discuss my newfound knowledge with a


By Claire Howe Hood River, a small town about an hour east of Portland, Oregon, is home to a very special place, a place where respect for the environment and compassion for animals, human and non-human alike, emanates both freely and purposefully. This place sits quietly on a glittering river,

Teaching elementary students about farmed animals is a tricky topic. Students this age are developing both intellectually and emotionally, and we want to shield them from information that might be disturbing, including facts about how animals are raised for food. However, elementary students are also developing their own sense of