By Jeannie Russell HEART’s innovative Compassionate Communities Awards competition is taking root in the great borough of Brooklyn, thanks to an exciting partnership with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office.  HEART’s Compassionate Communities Awards competition brings a whole-child, comprehensive approach to humane education into our public schools by challenging them to

Most of us are familiar with the parable of the three blind men who come across an elephant, an animal that none of them had encountered before. They each touch a different part of the elephant and describe what they have come across based on their limited experience. They all

We know that education has the power to change the world. The learning youth gain shapes the knowledge and skills they have to apply to all aspects of their lives. At HEART, we have been teaching humane education for over a decade to encourage youth to view the world through

By Kim Korona and Kristina Hulvershorn Imagine a world where children learn to peacefully coexist with one another; a world where children learn to respect and honor the environment; a world where children learn to protect the myriad species with whom we share this planet. This is what youth will

This past April, HEART program managers, Kristina Hulvershorn and Mickey Kudia, presented at the Association of Professional Humane Educators’ National Humane Education Conference in Seattle, Washington. The presentation titled, Enhancing Social and Emotional Learning through Humane Education, taught attendees from across the country practical steps for incorporating social and emotional