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Lessons & Activities

Our humane education resource guides include more than 100 lessons, student activities, and reproducible worksheets. We provide everything you need to teach students ages 5-18 to be caring and compassionate toward animals, people, and our planet, while meeting academic standards.

Educational Game

Send kids on a hunt for clues to build their case by exploring different places,  gathering information, overcoming obstacles, and learning about important issues related to puppy mills and caring for their animal companions. Download educator resources to extend learning! 

Interactive Resources

We have teamed up with Nearpod to provide digital classroom tools that enable teachers to engage students with standards-aligned, interactive lessons.  HEART’s Nearpod units feature a variety of animal protection, social justice, and environmental conservation themes. 


HEART’s free webinars cover a variety of important humane education topics for both traditional and non-traditional educators, parents/guardians, and concerned citizens. Our webinar archive allows you to access these professional development resources
at your own convenience.


Something we’ve learned in our many years of teaching is that seeing really is believing. Having good educational videos to accompany lessons helps all different kinds of learners to process difficult information. Check out HEART’s educational videos, offered to the public to use at no cost.

Book Lists

Find humane books for students
of all ages that tackle human rights, animal protection, and environmental ethics issues. By introducing students to humane literature, we can
broaden their horizons and
encourage them to become more humane in their own lives.