HEART’s free video presentations and webinars cover a variety of important humane education topics for both traditional and non-traditional educators, parents/guardians, and concerned citizens.

In case you missed one of our webinar presentations, we have archived them all here so that you can listen to them at your own convenience.

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  • Teaching Controversial Humane Education Topics
  • Running a Humane-Themed Summer Camp
  • Compassionate Connections in the Classroom
  • Teaching Compassion for Animals
  • Justice for All
  • Making Earth Day Education Every Day
  • Youth Empowerment: Service Learning for All
  • Creating a Kinder World through Humane Education Clubs
  • Humane Education: How Everyone Can Get Involved
  • The Power of Humane Literature
  • The Political Climate and Our Youth 
  • Bringing Humane Education into the Classroom: Insights from Schoolteachers
  • Higher Humane Education: Getting Involved at Colleges and Universities
  • Fostering Empathy and Humane Behavior 
  • A Holistic Approach to Teaching
  • Fostering Empathy for Animal Companions
  • What is the Role of the Adult in Youth-Led Action?
  • Digital Resources to Teach Compassion and Critical Thinking
  • Promoting Social Responsibility for Middle and High School Students
  • Teaching Food Justice Issues to Upper Elementary and Middle School Students
  • Compassionate Communities – Bringing Whole Child Humane Education into Our Communities
  • Everyday Circles Cards - A Must Have for Parents, Educators, and Youth Leaders


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