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Humane Education

builds compassion toward animals, people, and natural world by providing students with the knowledge and tools to make more informed and socially responsible choices that counteract real-world problems.

Humane Education 

teaches kindness, develops empathy, and cultivates compassion toward animals, people, and the natural world. Students gain the knowledge and tools to make more informed and socially responsible choices that counteract real-world problems.

Humane Education is...

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Cultivating compassion, respect, and knowledge to reduce animal cruelty and promote positive relationships between animals and people.

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Fostering empathy, kindness, and understanding to empower youth to face intractable problems and create a more just and inclusive society for all.

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Inspiring inquiry, reverence, and responsibility to encourage students to strive for a sustainable society, while protecting natural resources and the environment.

Why does humane education matter?

Humane education is crucial because it develops essential values and competencies for students
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Students learn how to understand the perspectives of other animals and people, and respect our natural world.

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Students learn how to analyze pressing social issues and identify what can be done to address them.

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Students learn how to become agents for positive change and engaged members of their communities.

Humane education is effective because it  can be easily integrated into any subject
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Students can read humane literature and write letters to legislators about  issues affecting animals, people, and the environment.

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Students can learn about climate change and use technology to explore its effects on all living beings and the planet.

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Students can express views on important issues through art, such as posters and  multimedia presentations.

What if every classroom was full of young people who refused to turn a blind eye to injustices against people, animals, and our shared environment?

Meet Jacques.

With the guidance of HEART humane education instructors, Jacques, age 14, led his Chicago class in organizing an anti-homophobia school assembly and panel discussion that included prominent members of the LGBT community. The students made it clear that their school was one where everyone was welcomed and accepted.

Jacques and his classmates didn't stop there. During a school trip to the Illinois capitol, the students lobbied for stricter animal protection laws. They spoke with state legislators about banning puppy mills, creating programs to stop dog fighting, and preventing farmers from cutting off the tails of cows on factory farms without anesthesia. Months later, legislators were still talking about the visit.

The world needs an entire generation of people like Jacques. We believe this world is possible - humane education can help us get there. 

Humane Education Impact

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